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At Vision Eye Center

Cataract Surgery

All surgeries are performed using the latest PHACOEMULSIFICATION technology with foldable, FDA approved lenses.

Machine: SOVEREIGN by Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) from USA.

Our Operation Theater is designed in conformance with international standards for achieving the highest standards of sterility and asepsis.

Ours is a dedicated operation theater for eye operations only. No other operations are performed here there by reducing the chances of infection.

Details About Operation and Lenses

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  • Cataract Information
  • Implant Information
  • Preoperative Care
  • Post Operative Care
  • The cut given to the eye is bigger than phacoemulsification.
  • injection for anesthesia mandatory. takes time for healing.
  • Spectacle correction is required.
  • Done by ultrasonic machine.
  • the cut given to the eye is 1.8-2.8 mm.
  • No Pain, No injection, No Patch required.
  • Healing is faster with almost all daily activity restored immediately.
  • Ultrasound B scan done with ZEISS IOL MASTER VERSION 5 from Germany. this technology empowers us to calculate implant with 5 times more accuracy then conventional A scan machines.
  • These are manufactured in India.
  • Sharpness of quality and night vision is less than imported lenses.
  • Preciseness may vary.
  • These are Manufactured abroad.
  • Sharpness and quality of vision is superb.
  • Night vision and contrast is very good.
  • These Lenses have single focus. so spectacle is required after surgery
  • Those lenses are used for patients who have astigmatism or number in axis.

(eg. – 1.0 x 90o or -1.0 x 180o )

  • These lenses are almost like our natural lenses so you can see distant as well as near things.
  • freedom from glasses / spectacle free lifestyle for practical purposes.

If you are looking for any other lens or other company,
we will be happy to provide you that

At Vision Eye Center

Lens Power calculations:

Done with the latest ZEISS IOL MASTER VERSION 5 from Germany. this technology empowers us to calculate implant power with 5 times more accuracy than conventional scan machines.

We use disposable kits gowns, gloves, eye drapes, eye pads to achieve the best standards of asepsis and quality.

All Lenses used are imported, foldable, FDA approved, and manufactured by globally reputed companies like ZEISS (Germany), AMO (USA), Alcon (USA), Rayner (UK).