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ZEISS PRESBYOND Laser Vision Correction for patients with presbyopia


Laser Vision Correction for patients with presbyopia

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision from ZEISS is a software option for the CRS-Master® or Refractive Workplace® that combines perfectly with the MEL® 90 excimer laser from ZEISS. This software option offers a true binocular laser vision correction approach for patients with presbyopia. It allows refractive surgeons to immediately expand their LASIK repertoire.

Customized treatment profiles

  • Customized treatment profiles
  • All distances
  • Immediate results



ZEISS PRESBYOND combines the simplicity and accuracy of corneal refractive surgery with the benefits of increased depth of focus while retaining visual quality. Based on spherical aberrations, which naturally occur in the eye, it extends the scope of customized ablation beyond the limits of conventional monovision laser methods.

CRS-Master or Refractive Workplace1

Binocular treatment planning
Remote treatment planning

Customized Treatments

Preoperative spherical aberrations
Functional age of the eye

Customized treatment profiles

ZEISS PRESBYOND is not just monovision. It incorporates preoperative wavefront data to fine-tune the depth of focus of each eye individually in order to go beyond conventional monovision. The functional age of the eye is also factored in. A personalized ablation profile is created for each eye to ensure optimized target refraction. The patient’s tolerance level is taken into consideration and can be customized to the individual. Different optical zones can be selected to account for the patient’s pupil size.

All distances

ZEISS PRESBYOND provides a continuous binocular vision focused from near through intermediate to far. According to clinical studies, stereoacuity is maintained with virtually no loss of contrast sensitivity.

The side effects of conventional monovision treatment, such as multiple images in one eye, are almost entirely eliminated with ZEISS PRESBYOND. It is an approach what offers a physiologically optimized solution and represents a true binocular method for treating patients with presbyopia.

Immediate results

A key advantage of ZEISS PRESBYOND is that it is proven to be tolerated by more patients than conventional monovision. It is effective in treating up to 97% of all presbyopia-related forms of impairment. It has the potential to achieve a far greater success rate than any comparable treatment – in addition to giving patients the wow-effect of being able to read without glasses the very same day.2-6

Additionally, ZEISS PRESBYOND allows practices already using a ZEISS MEL 90 excimer laser, irrespective of whether they use the CRS-Master or Refractive Workplace, to significantly expand their LASIK repertoire and increase the patient base.