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LASIK and Presbyond Lasik

What is LASIK?

LASIK is laser procedure in which we do application or reshaping of cornea accurately so that your spectacle correction is not required to see clearly.

Can LASIK be done for all powers of spectacle?

If a person is above 18 and his power is anywhere between -1 to -8 and positive power from +1 to +6.00 can undergo LASIK to become spectacle free.

Does effect of Lasik last life time?

Most of the time effect of LASIK last much longer than we think . In some cases after 10 years there can we shift of plus -0.5 dioptre which can be removed by LASIK enhancement procedure.

What are the side-effect of Lasik?

LASIK does not have any dangerous side-effects . It is very safe procedure and this has been proven safe scientifically for last 20 years . Some of the minor side-effects could be dryness of eyes, flap related complications, infections and all these minor complications resolve in few days and can be treated safely by eyedrops only.

What are the different types of LASIK?

LASIK is Laser in situ keratomileusis.The name of the procedure changes according to the brand but the procedure remains the same so different company have different names. You should make sure that the procedure is LASIK.

What if I move my eye during laser procedure?

The laser machine nowadays has got great safety margin , it has got a tracker which tracks the eye for minute moment but if you move your eye too much or drastically then the machine stops but it does not do laser on any other part of the eye other than the designated cornea.

What is the cost of Lasik procedure?

LASIK laser is not a surgery it is laser procedure and done for both eyes at one time so it costs less and is very affordable. Mostly it starts from Rs.35,000 onwards and fan go up to 80,000.

Can I go blind during LASIK?

This is a commonest fear in patients but I can assure you for sure that nobody can become blind with LASIK procedure . It is very safe and complications if at all happens can be treated within few days so scientifically it is very safe procedure.

Is Lasik procedure painful?

LASIK laser procedure is absolutely painless . We use topical anaesthetic drops to numb your eye . You do not feel any pain except little bit of pressure.

When can I start working after LASIK?

You can regain 99% vision after 24 hours so you can resume your daily activities after one day . You can start using computer laptop or phone or do office work , household work after two days . You have to wear dark goggles only when you go out in the sun . It is safer to wear plain glasses indoors for atleast two weeks.

Can I become spectacle free even if I am above 40 years and have distance glasses as well as near reading/ bifocal / progressive glasses?

With Presbyond Lasik from Zeiss technology you can become spectacle free even if you have reading glasses and your age is between 40 years to 60 years. You can avoid spending on expensive progressive glasses and the comfort and quality of vision that comes with Presbyond LASIK is unmatched.

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