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Squint or Strabismus Causes and treatment

Squint Surgery

Squints can Occur in Children and Adults

Squint, medically known as strabismus, usually occurs in childhood, though some adults may also develop it, or a childhood squint may become more obvious in adulthood.


Certain untreated squints may lead to amblyopia, or “lazy eye,” in which the brain starts ignoring input from one eye. The brain ignores one of the eyes to avoid double vision. It is therefore critical to treat childhood squints very early.

Besides, squints can lead to many social problems, affecting a person’s prospects socially and in employment

Poona Eye Care Offers a Range of Squint Treatments

Several treatment options exist to align the eyes. Often, more than one treatment or a combination of treatments may be needed to get the best result for a child’s /adult’s vision. Some of the most common ways that squint can be treated include: bi-focal glasses, occlusion therapy (patch) and contact lenses. Surgery is also an option if other methods do not deliver results.