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Corneoscleral lenses CSL and Keratoconus

Corneoscleral lenses, a specialized type of contact lens, play a crucial role in managing keratoconus, a progressive eye condition characterized by the thinning and conical shape of the cornea.
We at Vision Eye Center believe in restoring quality vision. These lenses cover not only the cornea but also extend onto the sclera, providing unique benefits for individuals with this challenging condition. The primary objective of corneoscleral lenses in keratoconus management is to improve visual acuity and enhance overall comfort for patients. Unlike standard contact lenses that rest solely on the cornea, corneoscleral lenses vault over the cornea and rest on the less sensitive sclera. This design minimizes direct contact with the irregular corneal surface, reducing discomfort often associated with traditional lenses in keratoconus patients.
Our chief surgeon Dr Arundhati Kale Sidhaye says that One of the key advantages of corneoscleral lenses is their ability to create a tear reservoir between the lens and the cornea. This reservoir helps maintain a more stable tear film, contributing to improved visual quality and reduced dryness. This feature is particularly beneficial for keratoconus patients who often experience dry eyes due to the irregular corneal shape. Moreover, the larger diameter of corneoscleral lenses enhances stability on the eye. This stability is crucial in preventing lens movement, a common issue in keratoconus patients. The lenses’ scleral portion provides a more secure fit, reducing the likelihood of dislodgment and improving the overall wearing experience.
Customization is a cornerstone of corneoscleral lens fitting. At Vision Eye Center Pune ,we give trial for every patient to optimise the fitting and performance of the lens.Each lens is individually crafted to match the unique contours of the patient’s eye, accounting for the specific irregularities caused by keratoconus. This tailored approach ensures optimal comfort and visual correction, addressing the diverse needs of individuals with this condition. It’s important to note that corneoscleral lenses require a precise fitting process supervised by eye care professionals with expertise in managing keratoconus. This fitting process involves detailed measurements of the corneal and scleral topography, allowing for the creation of a lens that accommodates the specific irregularities of the patient’s eye anatomy. In addition to their therapeutic benefits, corneoscleral lenses also offer improved oxygen permeability. This is crucial for maintaining the health of the cornea, especially in keratoconus cases where the cornea is already compromised. Enhanced oxygen transmission helps prevent complications associated with long-term contact lens wear, promoting ocular health. In conclusion, corneoscleral lenses represent a valuable tool in the management of keratoconus. Their unique design, incorporating both corneal and scleral coverage, addresses the challenges posed by the irregular corneal shape in this condition. With their customization, stability, and improved oxygen permeability, corneoscleral lenses contribute significantly to enhancing visual acuity and comfort for individuals navigating the complexities of keratoconus. Vision Eye Center Pune and our chief surgeon Dr Arundhati Kale Sidhaye give of better vision and freedom from spectacle to each and every individual.

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